Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The semester here is almost over, and all my frustration came out like a torrent of rain when I was talking to my classmate yesterday at school. While we were waiting to talk to our Stats professor, we vented out our frustration with the program and the lack of courses.

I typically follow through with my decisions, riding out the bad wave. But this time, I realized how unhappy I was at San Jose. I like my peers, and the setting isn't bad. What has brought me down is the scarcity, or lack there of, of key courses offered here. As I sit here pondering my profession career, I wonder if I should have gone to Cal Poly Pomona. Some people wondered why I didn't apply to schools like Berkeley, USC, or UCLA. Well that is pretty simple to answer: I did not want to take the GRE's. I have nothing against smaller schools like Pomona or San Jose, so as long as I feel my education is worth-while.

So here I am, nearing the end of my first semester frustrated. Frustrated that I have to wait an entire year to take a GIS course, which is practically a required skill Planners should have in today's world, I feel like I won't be able to compete in the market. There are only four full time faculty members, so the diversity I have work with is nil. So now I am reconsidering my options. I know that there are things of interest to me in the Planning field, so I know I won't be abonding my career choice. It's a matter of, should I leave San Jose State and apply to Pomona, or if I should just stick it out?

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