Thursday, June 11, 2009


I used to think that I wanted a nice, semi-elaborate wedding. And then I thought about the costs, and how it's basically an extravagant prom. While Patrick and I have been talking about marriage and potentially when we would like to get married, we look at the sad state of our money, or lack-there-of. And having been together for five and a half years, and lived together, we have gotten to the point of not caring about those sorts of things.

While it may be fun for some people, and very exciting as well, weddings are simply... too much work for someone as lazy as me. I don't have a lot of friends, only a handful of close ones. While Patrick came to visit this past week, we talked about having a civil ceremony (where my best friend continues to believe that to be a non-religious wedding held at a venue). Personally, I don't mind if we got married in Vegas, or if we got married at court. A part of the marriage ceremony is sharing the event with friends, but more importantly, its is about sharing love, commitment, friendship, respect, and your life together. And that is all the really matters in the end.

At least, that's what I have come to conclude. When I was a little girl I would occasionally flip through magazines and look at wedding dresses, and on occasion, I would draw what my ideal dress would look like. But I never thought about the actual ceremony. I never actually planned it out in my head. And now that I am older and closer to the marriage age (har har), I just don't care for those things as much as I feel I should.

Every moment is a special one with the person you love, and everyone celebrates it differently. That much I know.

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