Monday, March 23, 2009

Saying goodbye when saying hello

About two weeks ago my laptop starting to shutdown randomly by itself, and this was all happening while I was talking on the phone with my best friend. Initially, it seemed like there was something loose and that my laptop could be easily fixed. Anyway, upon further inspection from Ray, it was discovered that the part of my laptop that was loose was actually damaged. At some point and time in the past 4.5 years I had my IBM Thinkpad, I dropped it and caused it to crack. Most presumably it was recent, but alas, my laptop has expired. Sadly, my Thinkpad has now joined the graveyard of all the other Thinkpads in this household. And by all I mean three, which is more than most people have. All together, there are three functional laptops, and three dead ones, making a total of six. Don't ask.

So, after much thought and consideration, I decided to go with a Dell Inspiron 1500 series. It's a little lighter than my Thinkpad, and a definite upgrade. It's all black, so it looks sleek and sexy, with a 15.4 inch WLED screen. I'm still getting used to using this keyboard because more often than not, I accidentally hot key a bajillion things and I don't have the foggiest idea on how I do it.

My new laptop also arrived during the beginning of my spring break and at the beginning of March Madness. When school resumes, I can finally bring my laptop to class. Yes folks, it seems that while I am in grad school, the laptop is the preferred choice of equipment to bring with you. I do not know why, but I am simply following the herd now.

Also, I leave for New Mexico at the end of this week, visiting my old college roomate Makah and her fiancee. Rather exciting. Patrick and I got them some board games, which I know they will like. I'm still trying to figure out what else to get them as a housewarming gift. Do you guys have any suggestions? I'd truly appreciate any suggestions right now :)

As for work, I am still enjoying it, even though I feel completely inept at times. I'm getting the hang of using Microsoft Access, Excel dbf files, and ArcGIS. Slowly, but surely. Everyone is still cheery, friendly, and nice so no complaints on my end here. Supervisor is still helpful and patient with me.

And a random side note/thoughts. I've realized that, over the years, a majority of the people I dated - no matter how brief - have been Catholic. They weren't very religious, but none-the-less I think they were all baptized. The run down is: B, Catholic; M, Catholic; D, Catholic; and Patrick, Catholic. I know, don't ask me why, but I guess I'm attracted to people who are baptized Catholic but are definitely not religious. Patrick is technically Catholic, and he's the closest person to me in my life. Then there's my bestfriend, who happens to be a lapsed Catholic as well. Second closest. Again, I don't know what this means.

There's my update. Hope everyone has had a great spring break, or is currently enjoying their time off like I am.

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