Friday, February 20, 2009

Keeping busy

So, February 20th marks the end of my fourth week back in school. Some of you may be giving me dirty looks behind the computer screen, but I say, YOU ARE GOING TO BE DONE WITH SCHOOL IN LESS THAN THREE MONTHS. I still have over a year to go, unfortunately.

Last semester I was absolutely lazy: no job, classes Monday - Thursday, for only three hours at a time. I tend to have this problem where I do absolutely nothing, but then a few months later, I decide to maximize my time to the point where it's almost ridiculous.

This semester I am enjoying my classes a little more. I still haven't officially decided whether or not I would want to stay here in San Jose, but it's looking like I will more and more each day. And I'm busy. I have two internships: one with the County of Santa Clara researching Historic Preservation incentives, and the other with the Alameda County Public Health Department geocoding population data by Census block tract. Kind of tedious. Oh well. I am interning Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but the majority of my time will be spent commuting to Oakland. And I finally got health insurance, which may give me the opportunity to finally volunteer for Habitat for Humanity again!

And by the way, I like Oakland. If I had to live in the Bay Area, it'd be in Oakland. Of course, I feel guilty by living there because I would be contributing to the gentrification of the area, or at least, part of the Oakland area. The Oakland Hills have always been a nice place.

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