Thursday, November 13, 2008


To the few readers left out there, I am alive. I rarely write about my life these days, mostly due to my own laziness. Sometimes I wonder if the blog trend is dead, or if I have simply outgrown the use of blogging. It isn't as carthartic as it used to be, and with my life in a fairly happy state (being separated from Patrick cannot be categorized as "happy") I do not have a lot to write about.

My first semester at San Jose State is coming to an end. I have about five weeks left. I suppose I could have written about how I dislike the majority of my courses, but I feel like there is no real point to complain and vent. Instead I have been focusing on issues around the nation, and especially with local politics. Recently, the United States elected its first African American President ever, who is young and charming with great orating skills.

Then the state of California voted to ban Gay marriage, which I am saddened by. While I hope that one day all people, regardless of sex, race, or creed, can marry freely, I disagree with the almost mob-style approach of protesting. I hope that Proposition 8 is repealed. Usually, I try to keep out of politics on Facebook, but for once in my life I cared about an issue enough to join the group. However, like I said, I do not think violence is the answer yet at the same time I am happy to see that people are finally mobilizing against something that takes a right away. I guess I would like to see it done in a more constructive way, but hopefully it all plays out in the right direction. And I hope that those marriages in Connecticut continue, and if a Proposition is put on that state ballot to ban gay marriage, I hope it fails.

If the California Supreme Court never over-turned banning inter-racial marriage, I would never be allowed to potentially marry Patrick.

That's what I've been thinking in a nut shell.

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