Friday, July 17, 2009


I haven't been back to Canada in over ten years. The last time I was here was in high school, with both my grandparents, and both my siblings. Again, years ago.

I'm only here for the weekend, for a brief visit. My cousin is marrying his high school sweetheart tomorrow. It's funny to see how people who are the same age are at different stages in their lives. While my cousin and I are the same age, he is ready to get married and settle down while I am still trying to sort out my professional future. Odd.

In other noticeable differences, my uncle's house in Ottawa is significantly smaller than I recall. I remember the summers I would spend here, a month at a time, playing hide and seek, going miniature bowling, and running around with random neighborhood kids. I have some fond memories, and some not so fond memories. But it's just strange how some things change, how some things stay the same, and how some things I always remember. I never realized how rural the suburban neighborhoods of Ottawa were. You can pick corn, strawberries and raspberries out here, go rope swinging over an actual creek filled with water, and experience summer showers. All that is non-existent in California.

It's strange how I spent so much time here in this country during my childhoods. I remember being so excited about seeing my cousins, and being just as excited when they would come and visit us in California. Time has changed, everything has changed. I think what is fascinating is to see how the dynamic has changed over time, how we were once close as children, and are now just distant relatives due to the actual physical distance. Geographic location is always an interesting factor over a long duration.

Anyway, being here reminds me of a childhood from long ago. And going to my cousin's wedding brings forth the slew of memories of hide and seek. Congratulations to them!


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