Saturday, May 2, 2009


Facebook is my obsession, but I have rarely used the social networking site to actually network or socialize with people I had not seen in years, that is until this past Friday.

There have been a few people from my past that I was interested in chatting up with that were my "friends" on facebook. That was in Los Angeles a few years ago. It was not until last week that I reached out to someone again from my high school. After a few messages back and forth, an old high school swimmate and I intended on meeting up for food and other things after work Friday night. Not too long after confirming our arrangement, my friend Aaron contacted me about meeting up that same day (but in the morning, which is strange).

Friday comes along, and I get off BART in downtown Oakland. While walking out and up to the street surface, I notice this person with her helmet on and bike in tow. Then I realized it was Ellen, a girl I went to college with and a girl that I volunteered with on Habitat. It was strange that, of all the days, I was looking forward to catching up with old high school acquaintances, and I ran into yet another person. My coworker said my situation was very serendipitous. I agree, to a certain extent.

And by the way, my Friday was very enjoyable. I am rather surprised on how much said swimmate and I had in common and got along. It is strange to see a person after eight years though. C'est la vie.

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