Saturday, April 25, 2009


This year I have been to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a very nice, albeit brief, visit to my old college roommate Makah and her fiance Andre.

But I will be visiting other places this year. Next trip will be to the city of Detroit. I just realized that I will be in Detroit celebrating Patrick's grandmother's 80th birthday during Mother's Day weekend. This makes me feel guilty for not visiting my own mother. I am contemplating on driving down to Los Angeles next weekend to say hello to the parental units.

The next big trip I will have is to visit Peru. Of course I will be touring and site seeing in the city of Cusco. I am a bit sad that my friend Carlene will be leaving on July 31, five days before I arrive to Cusco. At least I have an extremely reliable source for traveling advice and information. Carlene has been in Peru for over a year now.

Other trips this year will include the possibilty of me flying to Ottawa, Canada to visit my family for my cousin Richard's wedding, and a trip to the Pacific Northwest to see my old coworker Tammy.

But the trips I miss the most are my camping trips. There is nothing more exciting than traveling with friends on the open road in the US. I'm attaching one of my favorite photos from last year while touring southern Utah.

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pjsanch said...

I have recently acquired the camping itch as well. Its finally warming up!