Friday, January 30, 2009


I never left Los Angeles until now, and I lived in Los Angeles the longest out of all my siblings. I stayed in L.A. for college. For a long time, up until I graduated from UCLA, I always complained about Los Angeles, saying that one day I would leave.

I left.

However, now that I am in the Bay Area, I realized how much I miss home, how much I miss the it. I honestly am not that excited about San Francisco (nor am I impressed by San Franciscans attitudes towards their southern counterpart). Don't get me wrong, I think San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area communities are nice and pleasant, but it just is not home to me. I prefer the warmer weather. I miss the older ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles. I miss the hiking trails. I miss biking around Santa Monica. I admit the transit is terrible in Los Angeles, but despite the traffic, I still prefer it down there.

Most of all, I actually miss the socio-economic and political issues in the city.

As my professor said, when he found out I was from LA, "Don't tell anyone from the Bay Area that you ACTUALLY like Southern California."

I figured that out last semester already.


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Yes, I LOVE LA. And every day that I am here, I miss it even more.