Friday, August 1, 2008


Journals are a funny thing for me, mostly because I have a hard time writing in them. I try to write as often as I can in my journal, blog, or what have you. As time has gone on the sites myspace and Facebook have both offered options to either publish posts or upload "notes." Personally I still like maintaining separate domains because, though there is no such thing as privacy thanks to the internet, I like to believe I still maintain a bit of privacy. Most people who read my journal are friends, maybe not everyone, friends I actually know and enjoy to see.

It's a little strange and unnerving to have my relatives on Facebook because well, Facebook was a college thing initially while I was in college. I know there is a good deal of students (former students at this rate) th at miss the old Facebook. All my younger cousins, my sister, my brother, and other various people from my life are now on Facebook. I suppose it's a great way to stay in touch, but to me, it was always more of a way to stay connected to my friends, which, by the way, has allowed me to stay in touch and reconnect.

I'm not really one for family bonding to be quite honest with you. This stems from a lot of various situations from my childhood, growing up, or whatever. This sort of epiphany sort of came when I saw all my relatives on Facebook getting happy and closer to one another while I still maintain a relatively distant relationship. Don't ask me why because I do not know why. I guess, as a friend has as her quote, "Friends are family you choose." The happiest I have ever been has been with my friends, and that in turn finally led me to become the person I am today. I'm not saying that I don't love or care about my family, all I am saying is that, I was never close to them outside of family functions and gatherings. I would be lying if I said otherwise.