Thursday, July 31, 2008


Being on a mini vacation has given me more time to write in my journal. My day typically consists of getting up around 8:45, washing my face, brushing my teeth and then having breakfast. I surf the internet, visiting my typical websites such as ONTD, NY Times, LA Times, and Bruinsnation. Since I will be heading back to school I also check out my student website, and of course, most importantly, my finances.

That's my life in a general nutshell as of now. I like the freedom of not driving and getting from point A to point B and not being dependent on a car. Yesterday I ventured to the Wednesday Farmer's Market in Santa Monica (or SaMo as residents have dubbed it). Some avocado's were purchased because I wanted to make guacamole for the summer before I leave. Biking out to Santa Monica is roughly five miles, so it takes me almost 30 minutes to get to the ocean. It isn't very long considering that it can take me twenty minutes by car via surface streets, and fifteen minutes if I go by freeway. Biking out to the Farmer's Market also limits my produce purchase since I can only fit so much into my messenger bag. Besides, 10 miles round trip is just under a half a gallon of gasoline, so I rather not see the two dollars go down the drain for something so minor. Plus my being jobless exacerbates my financial situation right now (I haven't received my financial aid pack yet... and who knows, I might not get one). I don't take public transit either because I have a bike. On top of that I get my small amount of exercise in.

Which reminds me, my friends keep telling me I have lost "even more weight" since I last saw them. Blatant and utter lies. I just try to keep a healthy and active lifestyle by walking to the grocery store, the Westside Pavilion, and biking to places which are rather close. It has been a small lifestyle change that has benefited me in many, many ways and a change that I intend on keeping. When I move to San Jose I am going to try to map out my bike route to school because I feel that paying for a parking permit is just too much money. School is roughly 8.5 miles from my sister's home, which isn't that bad considering that I have biked to work a few times (23 miles one way). It will be a different and more challenging environment to ride in probably. If it rains I will probably take public transit to campus. I simply can't afford to fill up my car and pay for parking permits.

Anyway, I'm going to return some of the videos we rented (which I didn't see) today and go to the Thursday Farmer's Market in at the V.A. It starts at noon. I haven't decided if I want to bike there or walk there. Ah the endless possibilities.