Wednesday, August 27, 2008

San Jose

Los Angeles was behind me as I drove north towards San Jose on August 15. Leaving home, and all that I was familiar with, behind me was a strange feeling because all I had ever known was Los Angeles. Leaving part of my past, and frankly, a little part of my heart. The urban environs I had accustomed to are not here, at least not in the sense I knew.

But here I am in the south bay of the Bay Area. San Jose is the third largest city in the state of California, behind Los Angeles and San Diego. Unpacking my life from a mere duffel bag, a small carrier on roller, and two boxes was almost surreal. Saying goodbye to Patrick at the airport and not returning to him, or him to me, is strange. I rested for a bit and had some leisure time before school started. The Urban Planning Commission (UPC) planned a new graduate student orientation on August 22. I toured the library, our faculty offices and the Urban and Regional Planning department. One of the more exciting things I found out was that I have an actual mail box, all for myself, labeled with my name! Then after that, we toured the San Jose State University and San Jose City library. It is both an academic and public library for students and public alike. It's pretty nice, with a beautiful view of downtown San Jose.

After finishing up the tour, the UPC organized a gathering at a local bar called Mission Ale House. I went because, well, I am a sucker for bars. Unfortunately the bar lied to me because on their website it stated that they had Newcastle on tap. You know how it goes.

So fast forward to today. I have attended three out of four of my classes. Most of them are in the late afternoon, from 4:00-6:45 p.m. The work load doesn't seem too heavy, but I could be entirely wrong on my assessment. I have my last class tomorrow night, and it's California Land Use and Planning Law. I have mixed feelings. Ah well, the procession continues.