Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Return

Despite all the complaints I had about my job, I realized that I actually grew from my experience here. For the life of me I never felt compelled to work in the public sector, yet here I am, working for "The Man" doing a public service by providing communities the opportunity to enjoy parkland space, whether it was a traditional recreational facility or open space for hiking, horseback riding or trail riding.

It hasn't quite sunken in that I will be returning to school for my Master's. My Master's... I never would have thought that I would actually be obtaining (or at least trying to) that degree. Most of my friends are already in graduate school, doing either research or in a professional setting. A great majority of my friends are in the Health Sciences field (off the top of my head J, D, P, K and K). There are a few law students here and there... but again, many of the people I keep in contact with are furthering their educational career.

I'm a bit apprehensive about returning to school as I have not written any sort of paper in depth or at a great length in a long time. Nor have I researched a topic of interest. The last academic book I read was about Los Angeles and planning. Hopefully this won't be too much of a problem, but again, I am a little apprehensive and scared. And yes, I will have to submit a thesis, defending my dissertation. There have been a few topics I have been toying with, such as urban revival and gentrification. In there comes the biggest issue we still continue to face today: affordable housing for the working class people. Who knows what I end up doing. Let's hope I know soon so I can finish the program in two years.

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Jennifer said...

Hey, no worries. I had done one really crappy research paper at UCLA. And I just kicked some ass with a research paper at UCSB so anything is possible. :)