Friday, May 2, 2008


California state law does not require any cyclists 18 years of age or older to wear helmets. However, the law does require that you have proper mechanisms, lights and reflectors, for riding your bike at night.

Oh yes, you guessed correctly, this entry will be a rant on bicyclists. Even though I am an avid rider myself, I disagree with many of these hipster out there who blindly promote alternative transportation while not realizing how hypocritical they are of themselves.

I run stop signs. Yes, by all means that is illegal whether in a motorized vehicle or on a bike. Cyclists are allowed to merge into a lane if their path is obstructed. Cyclists however, are not allowed to ride on sidewalks, unless specified as a bike lane, or as said earlier, the path is obstructed. Now with this rule I become very frustrated with driver's logic. But I drive a car, so therefore I have the ultimate right of way. No, remember you fucks, pedestrians have the right of way even if they are "jaywalking." The reasoning, well it's a ton vs 150lbs of scrap metal. Now let me tell you how utterly pretentious you are. To be stuck behind a cyclist, who may take up 2 minutes of your time driving, max, you think that you are entitled to own the road. Driving laws are applicable to cyclists, which now leads me back to point one: I have run a few stop signs. I should be ticketed, and in which case a few people, second degree knowledge here, have been. I'm sorry I'm in your way when I'm riding my bike, but I don't have eyes in the back of my head. I have enough to worry about, such as doors opening on the side when people aren't looking, or cars merging into me because I'm in their blind spot. So I guess that's my fault because YOU weren't looking. Especially when you're on the cell phone not paying attention. Or when you decide to drive in the bike lane because your car outweighs me. Shut the fuck up. Start taking some responsibility. In the likely event that, for some reason, a cyclist wants to veer into an oncoming motor vehicle, which I'm sure you think it happens all the time, I'll rescind my snarky attitude here. You heard right, why is it the cyclists fault for being there because you "didn't see them" or because "well I was driving then I got caught behind this bike." Yes, the cyclists was there IN FRONT OF YOU BEFORE YOU GOT TO THAT STRETCH OF ROAD. And it's their fault somehow? As I mentioned earlier, let me know when you find cyclists who want to veer their bike into your car because it's fun to either end up severely injured or dead.

Now for the cyclists that piss me off to no extent: I know by law we aren't require to wear helmets, but for God's sakes, safety is pretty important. So are visible lights and clothing. So when I see you riding around being all snub because you're not driving a car, it doesn't entitle you to be an unseen figure at night. Nor does it mean you can jut out into the middle of the road. We do have arms, limbs, whatever, that allow us to signal whether or not you're going to be turning left or right. I understand you frustration, trust me, but to make things somewhat amicable with angry drivers, we should show them that we know and obey the law. And when I mean obey the law I also believe that, a) you should pull the damn iPod headphones out of your ears. First, just because you're not enclosed in a vehicle does not mean you are more likely to "hear things." It's illegal. And it can cost you your life and b) get off the fucking phone. I see you guys with your phones out, or with your head pieces. No, it's not right, and it's a distraction in a car, so when I see you riding your bike talking on the phone, it's just as dangerous, maybe not to a driver, but most certainly for yourself.