Tuesday, April 22, 2008

West Side

Living out in Westwood, or the West Side has been a much more positive experience for me overall. To say that there is a certain lifestyle to be maintained would be an enormous understatement. None-the-less, there are many positive factors of the West Side, in particular, just the life-style.

First, I love the fact that there are numerous farmers markets to browse on the weekends, from Westwood, West LA, Brentwood and Santa Monica. Second, a personal plus has been the availability of recreational activities. Cycling has been one sport I really love, even though I probably don't cycle as often as I should. For a short while I picked up going to yoga, but eventually I came to the realization that yoga isn't really for me. Third, I do not have to travel more than five miles to do anything, such as going out to eat, watch movies, pick up groceries, go to bars, or even visit a majority of my friends. As tacky as it can be living in Westwood, life has never been more accommodating. For the most part, when I get home from work or relax on the weekend, I rarely drive.

Part of the reason I have shed some weight has been the fact that I have moved much closer to my job. Another reason? Walking. When Patrick and I area feeling extremely lazy, we just walk out to Westwood Blvd or Sawtelle for dinner because parking to us is such an extreme hassle. Obviously cycling has been another factor in me shedding some weight (I found out that moderate cycling for 2 hours can burn up to 1000 calories). As pretentious as living out here can be, I have come to realize that I was just a fat slob. More accurately, a lazy fat slob. Yes, on occasion I bike either to work or back home from work. But every week, my body needs at least some sort of exercise for at least 40 minutes. If you notice me being antsy it's because I haven't treated myself to exercising. So yes, the images of seeing people run every day while I drive to work, watching cyclists ride along PCH while I drive to work made me feel like a bum.

Anyway, that's my random post for now.