Friday, March 21, 2008


If I had to point out a single person that influenced me the most during my college career, it would be Professor Denis E. Cosgrove. Even though I am still trying to establish myself as an adult, Professor Cosgrove was certainly the most inspiring and encouraging person I had ever met. Because of him I decided to pursue and obtain a second degree in Geography.

The courses I took with him were very interesting, actually enthusiastic. His passion for understanding our surroundings, our environment gave me a new perspective on my view of landscapes, how landscapes itself is not necessarily relegated to a description.

So today, I am obviously affected by the sad news that he passed away. My heart goes out to his young son, his family, and his wife and all his colleagues.

Your work truly inspired me, and I cannot be more thankful than the opportunities that you opened up for me. Thank you for your patience, and our conversations. More importantly, thank you for your never ending encouragement you gave me during my time at UCLA.

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