Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Chicago. The "Windy City", home to the origination of "sky-scrapers" and "deep-dish pizza" and the above ground metro-transit system. This is what I gather from the old, yet so reliable, tele.

I have never been to Chicago. Well truth be told, I really haven't been anywhere, at least, not as I was growing up. When I was younger I would spend prolonged periods of time in China, Hong Kong, and Canada with family members. When I mean young, I mean, 4-8 years old, a month at a time. Did I appreciate it? Not really. To say I have fond memories of those visits would be a vile and apprehensible lie. Malaria in China, shipped off to HK for medical treatments because of said disease, dealing with an older male cousin in Canada that I absolutely abhorred seeing (we rotated, sometimes my cousins from the 51st state would visit us in California). It's okay, we're adults now so we handle things in a more civil manner, yes (I am referring to my relationship with my relatives as I see it in my mind)? Just nod your head in agreement, thank-you-very-much. And yes, I am still a wee bit bitter.

What does this have to do with Chicago? I know that all those bad things that happened to me when I was younger won't happen while I visit Chicago! Why? Because first, I'm really excited about Chicago. Second, the Josh is there. Third, hello Chase Auditorium, Museum of Natural History and... LAKE MICHIGAN. Oh and... Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and Sears Tower. Maybe I won't be able to see and do all I want, but who cares.

Don't worry Josh! I'm not crazy. Oh and, I'll be there from March 27-31, and with my luck, I'll get to see snow in Chicago (thus far my trips away from California have consisted of freezing temperatures).

By the way, I'm buying my plane ticket tonight, after much procrastination.

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JD said...

there damn well better not be snow. I am sick of that shit already. look forward to seeing you...send me a copy of your itinerary, so i can email you how to get to my place