Thursday, December 6, 2007


I'd like to believe that as I turn the delightful age of 25 today, that I am aging like fine wine and cheese. Right I know, ridiculously corny.

Anyway, as the events unfold for the day I realized that today does reflect my life. It started out kind of sunny, with a few clouds scattered throughout the sky. As I drove to my meeting in Santa Clarita, the day grew colder and more gray. When I actually got to work in Ramirez Canyon at Malibu, it was just cold, and ugly.

Now I know what you must be thinking, but come on, the events of today totally mirror what will happen to me... eventually. So I would like to say Happy Birthday Frances! Happy Birthday to me... ironically I drove down Malibu Canyon past where I once went to calculus camp (what a waste of time and money) and ended up on PCH. See the relevance? High school to working world... and my life is still so very uninteresting.

Tonight should be fun. My co-worker Tammy kind of planned my birthday night outing, and we're having dinner at Javan (a Persian place), then heading over to O'Brien's pub on Wilshire and 22nd. My brother-in-law said that I sound like a drunkard, but I'm not (oh so far from one). A hand full of my friends are showing up at the bar. I don't think I could ask for anything more considering that I rarely celebrated my birthday to begin with. Instead of drunkard, you can call me a dullard. Or a mallard (okay, inside joke unless you've read that short story "The Story of an Hour").

Oh and I really love this option of "fully justify." It makes my entry look so neat. Still adjusting to blogger, and still in shock over Lj.


Song said...

I like your fully justified look too! I'm looking forward to reading your posts. You are totally NOT old. just a quarter century. :P It's a perfect cube!

Jennifer said...

Chin up, Frances. You will soon be going to grad school and actually doing what you want to do soon. You just need to get there, that's all. :)

Song said...

err..did i say cube? i meant square. tells you how much i know about math. :P sounds like you had a great birthday #1.