Friday, December 7, 2007


Last night was the first time in a very long while that I had gotten drunk. After having dinner at Javan's, Tammy drove me over to O'Briens in Santa Monica. I had never been to that particular bar before, so it was going to be interesting. Initially we had planned on going to Brennan's for the turtle racing, but due to inclement weather, we opted to do O'Briens. Of course with my fortune, it began raining after we finished up at the Irish pub around 11:30.

Like I said earlier, I was never one to really celebrate my birthday. On occasion I have been known to go out and have dinner with some friends, and usually call it a night. Celebrating my birthday last night was one of the best gatherings I've had. My friends Delia and Kelly arrived at the pub, courtesy of Patrick and Bejan, and then Carlene and her friend Constance showed up a bit later. We started off the night with Irish Car Bombs (which I like, but it seems that most do not seem to prefer it), and just kind of ordered drinks afterwards. Aside from the car bomb, I had a Newcastle beer (I finished it) and a shot of some sort with my friend Bejan. If you know me at all, consuming all that alcohol essentially pushes me to my limits of coherency. Then again Tammy said I lost control of my inter-monologue skills. Ah well. I just recall that for most of the time at the pub I kept putting my head down on the table. There were a few moments yesterday night where I thought to myself, hmm maybe I shouldn't be saying these things.

Somehow I managed to make myself go to work today. Starting from last night, I am going to be celebrating my birthday throughout the rest of the week, even up to Sunday. Saturday night I will be going out on my beer tour, meeting up with Tammy and some of her friends and my friend Aaron, weather permitting of course. Tour starts at Father's Office (5:00 pm). Patrick will be joining me later that night towards the end of our beer tour. He has to study for his finals. We are supposed to end up at the Daily Pint, which is our favorite bar spot in the west side. Did I mention that the beer tour will be done via bike? However, if it begins to rain before the suggested meeting time, our contingency plan is just to meet up at the Daily Pint and stay there for as long as we want. Tonight I'm going home to have dinner with my parents for my birthday, and then picking up my Kitchen Aid mixer!

Eventually I will post some photos up from last night. I did manage to get a fairly good group photo of everyone. Well everyone minus Carlene and Constance.

I am looking forward towards this upcoming year. It seems to have started on a positive note for me this time. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to wish me a happy birthday and to all my friends that showed up to the bar.

Red Lion Tavern and Daily Pint are still my favorite places to go.

I'll have an entry dedicated to beer and pubs later on. One day I will get into wine, but this is not in the foreseeable future.

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