Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Living in suburbia

When I was younger I grew up playing in a cul-de-suc with other neighborhood kids. Of course, as time went on, I saw the area deteriorate and the neighborhood change from a predominantly white middle-class suburb to a mix of Latino and Armenian neighbors.

What I remember most is fighting with my parents to sleep over my friends house, which was located across the street three houses down. And I recall my grandfather being worried about me staying out "late" at night, meaning past six. I remember walking home down the block with my grandfather. He made sure I was okay.

Those were scary days in my childhood. Walking home alone, in the evening, to make it in time for dinner. Now as I reflect back, I realized how nurturing my grandparents were. Well not now, because I have known for some time, but any time I look back. I feel very fortunate that I had people in my life that cared about my safety, even if I thought it was a little over bearing. Hopefully I will be able to provide that sort of security one day, whenever that may be.

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