Monday, July 21, 2008

Passing Time

There has not been a whole lot going on since I last updated. I have a few posts backlogged that I keep meaning to finish but I will most likely not, at least not for a while. My last day of work is this Friday and my coworker intends on having a group lunch for me on Thursday. It is very nice and thoughtful, but I would much rather prefer slipping away and being forgotten. I have never been one for a lot of celebration, and I tend to avoid most social functions related to outside of work. If I do go to these functions, I do not stay for very long. I do not know why I do that. For the time being I am trying to finish up a few last things here and clear off my desk. It will probably take me until Friday, but the task should be done with relative ease.

Patrick and I actually went to see a movie over the weekend, The Dark Knight. I have to say that I was fairly impressed with Christopher Nolan's portrayal of Batman. The length of the movie was 2 hours and 32 minutes, and I never once got bored with it while sitting in the theater. That means I actually liked it kids, but this does not imply that I felt the film was flawless. There were minor issues I had with it. Please note that if you have not seen the movie, you should stop here NOW.


Heath's performance as the Joker was great, and I think this is perhaps one of the best jobs anyone has done with the darker version of this character. That being said, I do not believe Heath Ledger deserve and Oscar nomination. Throughout the previews and the constant advertisement campaign for The Dark Knight I was led to believe that the Joker would be in the movie with a fairly in depth character. This is not true. The Joker is in the movie, but lacks depth. Maybe Nolan wanted to explore the history of the Joker more in the second movie since he is only captured in the end saying to Batman that "You complete me." We will never know now that Heath Ledger is gone. There are various questions that needed to be answered such as, how does he create that much fear and accomplish so much with his reckless tendency? How can he not have a past, at all? And how is he able to plot and have such massive destruction accomplished in such a short period of time. According to the film, Joker attracts those with "mental illnesses." That's an O.K. explanation, but it still doesn't really explain how he can plot so thoroughly with so much complexity in such a short period of time, and how the Joker can so easily persuade people who do NOT have mental illnesses. Now again, I am not saying that Heath's performance wasn't great, it was, but because I felt his character was not the most integral and there being a lack of depth to the Joker an Oscar nomination is just not in the playing field.

The other issue, which is minor, that I had with the movie was Rachael Dawes. She gets killed off and as soon as her character dies, Rachael is literally banished into the black hole. Her importance is diminished completely. There isn't a scene showing her funeral, even though both Bruce and Harvey were vying for her love. I thought it was odd, and I knew Nolan had to get rid Rachael somehow since she wasn't in the comics. Ah well.

Harvey Dent, aka Two Face was a pretty damn good character. I really enjoyed watching the development of Harvey Dent. Aaron Eckhart did a great job playing Dent/Two Face, and brought an interesting aspect to the movie. I also enjoyed how Nolan tried to keep why Dent went psycho in the first place.

And just to let you know, Gary Oldman can do no wrong.

Aside from that, I felt that the darkly done theme was a terrific fit for the Batman series. I almost love it as much as the cartoon series that Fox used to air back in the 1990's. Yes, childhood memories of coming back home from school and watching that cartoon. Now I am interested in seeing who the next villains will be in the following film. Will Two Face re-appear, or will the Riddler be next? Personally, if Nolan is going for the more disturbed crazy (regular so to speak) villains I really hope to see the Ventriloquist in there. He's creepy, and psycho.

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