Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Life and Style

Ever since I was a kid I noticed that I really enjoyed observing people. Some might say it is disturbing, or stalker-ish but I like people watching. Whenever I go out to eat dinner I have this tendency to overhear people talking. And I'll ask Patrick, or whomever else is with me, if they heard what that person said.

Am I just being too snoopy? Maybe.

But the point is I tend to follow the social scene via media outlets these days to see what the trend is. However, I do not follow trends or styles, at least not purposely.

I am an avid reader of the Livejournal blog oh no they didnt. I get my kicks and amusement for more than what it's worth. Despite it being a "Celebrity Gossip Blog" a point was made in a post on how the blog has evolved from gossip to a pop culture blog. And you know what's funny, I agree. Though many of the readers are catty, narcissistic, the truth is that the members are chronicling the pop culture scene. And their opinions are very well made at times. The topic of feminism has popped up numerous times, with arguments and counter arguments made. What is surprising, and perhaps refreshing, is seeing how some of the users are advocates of healthy looking women and men. While we may hide away in the blogosphere our opinions cannot be hidden. But most importantly, many of the users can articulate and make sound arguments.

And many of them are young professional working women.

I like oh no they didnt. It is a guilty pleasure of mine. The posts are entertaining, but the commentary is even better.

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