Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Civic Duty

Yesterday, June 3, 2008 was the California State Primary. Of course, being the good citizen I am I went in to vote. Unfortunately I stayed until 8:30 p.m. at work on Monday night, so I was too tired to get up and vote at my actual polling station by the Co-Op at UCLA. When I got back to my apartment in Westwood I decided to go to CVS for toothpaste and floss. Low-and-behold, as I was walking, I saw a polling station. By state law, if you are a registered voter in California you are allowed to participate in the state-wide elections, and if you are in the same county, the county measures. So, I went in to tell them I wanted to vote.

I was told that it is highly discouraged to vote out of your precinct. Basically, the person at the polling station didn't want to fill out the paperwork and gave me this look of disbelief that I had the audacity to waltz into that precinct and request that I vote.

Never have I been so offended. But I got to vote.


It is disconcerting to hear the pollsters talk about their political affiliation and what how they voted on each ballot issue. I am utterly disgusted.

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