Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So far February has turned into a month of short journeys to two different regions in the United States for me. Earlier, I went off to Philadelphia to visit my friend Kim (and I somehow managed to end up in Delaware too). Over Presidents Day weekend I ended up at Grand Canyon National Park. One could say it was a romantic Valentine's Day getaway (no, it wasn't, but it was romantic none-the-less). One trip, planned literally months in advance, the other acting on an impromptu idea. Sporadic, most assuredly. I was always hesitant to say that I had visited Arizona, even though physically, yes, I had stepped foot onto Arizonan soil. In reality, my family crossed over a bridge from Laughlin, Nevada to Arizona for maybe ten minutes and that was my trip to Arizona (over a decade ago). I have had lay-overs and stops in Phoenix for my flights to Anchorage and Philadelphia, but I have yet to actually set foot and explore the city. So at the might age of 25, I finally visited the "Grand Canyon State" and saw the Grand Canyon, driving on desolate Interstate Highway 40.

For now, until I get around posting my photos of my trip back east and trip to the Grand Canyon, I have visited two places this year I had never been to. I make it a point to go somewhere each year I have never been. Last year it was to Lassen Volcanic National Park and Mount Hood. This year, so far, it has been Arizona, Pennsylvania and Delaware. By all means I have yet to travel internationally, but I figure, better to start off somewhere than no-where at all.

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