Wednesday, July 23, 2008


To be quite honest I really do not watch that much television. When I remember I tend to watch Scrubs after I get home, but aside from that, there aren't any shows I follow with a religious passion that is broad casted on the tele. However, I do read up on an enormous amount of entertainment news via ONTD. Entertainment news includes various shows on TLC, Discovery Channel, A&E and so on and so forth. There are a lot of people drawn to the show Jon and Kate plus 8, which chronicles the Gosselin family with their 8 children; a set of twins and sextuplets. First, I do not watch the show not because I have anything personal against the family, but mostly because I just don't watch much television like I stated before. First, I have only seen a few episodes of Jon and Kate + 8, and the children are adorable, but not adorable enough to get my glued to the tube. Second, the Gosselin's remind me a lot of the Duggars, who by the way are expecting their 18th child. What I really despise about both these families is their financial outlook.

Let me explain a little more. The Gosselins, from what I have gathered, tend to complain about how tight their budget is and how they cannot afford certain luxuries. I find that rather hard to believe because they seem to own a nice home, and on top of that, are paid for guest appearances on talk shows, morning news shows, and appearances at local venues, such as churches. That's all in addition to whatever donations they may receive and the money the get from TLC filming their lives. Exploiting your children for the benefit of money is just plain wrong to me. Most of the viewers watch for the children. Again, this is my opinion and outlook on these families financial situations.

For all that I might not like about the Duggars in Arkansas, I must admit that, compared to the Gosselins, they do not complain about the number of children they must take care of. However, I do find it is somewhat selfish to have 18 children because there is no way each child receives the attention they deserve. The Gosselins, more specifically Kate, constantly complains how difficult it is to take care of 8 children, how it is hard for the family to go out on an outing. You opted to have seven eggs fertilized, six of which did. And on top of that, you took out nine eggs for both treatments. In vitro-fertilization is extremely expensive for people who do not know. I mean potential of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars spent on attempting to get pregnant.

It isn't necessarily cynicism that I feel. In my opinion, the Gosselins must realize the responsibility their eight children and accept it, fully and thoroughly. There isn't much they can do to alleviate the trouble that will continue to arise, because honestly, the teenage years have yet to come and there are 5 girls they will be dealing with. I guess in the end, if the Gosselins squeeze every penny out of these endorsements, talks, appearances and what have you, I honestly hope it is for their children. But I suppose with the hiring of a PR based in Los Angeles, it makes me doubt Jon and Kate that much more on their real financial motives.

And on the Duggars, well, like I said, at least I don't see complaints from the parents end. I just think it's ridiculous to proclaim you are debt free when the Discovery Channel and your community assists you, and with 18 children, I find it hard to imagine that your salary can afford you such luxuries. But at least the Duggars admit that they were thankful for the Discovery Channel paying for their trip out west (horse back riding, Disneyland, Yosemite etc). Meh, Jim-Bob Duggar is a politician anyway, so whatever respect I may have dwindled considerably after reading that fact. I just know there will be a special aired on the Duggars 18th child. It is only a matter of time.

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