Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Land of the stinking onion

Chicago, home to... the tallest skyscraper in the United States, and soon to be home to the tallest building in the world. What does the title of the have to do with Chicago? Well, that's what Chicago means, courtesy of The Josh and wikipedia.

Anyway, I took a direct, non-stop flight to Chicago and landed in O'Hare. The flight to Chi-town only took 3hours and 19minutes. Catching the wind is always a beneficial thing. Of course I was greeted by snow but luckily for me it wasn't too bad. As I headed over to my friend Josh's place (which he so graciously housed me), the cabbie knew immediately I wasn't from the area. Yes, I keep telling myself I will purchase a real coat one day. He outed me because of my jacket. Since going to Philadelphia and now Chicago, I have come to realize the importance of coats covering your butt. Unfortunately this little Californian native does not spend enough time in the snow-cold winters to warrant said coat... yet.

The night I landed in Chicago I quickly walked out to the shore of Lake Michigan. It was cold to say the least. This was after I had dinner. Josh lives in a really nice neighborhood, and when I mean nice, I mean surrounded by lots of great places to go grab a bite to it and close to transit. Something we Angelenos seem to be lacking all the time.

The next day, Friday, I went to the Field Museum of Natural History. I have never been to a museum that had so much to do and see. The only downside to this visit was that there were a ton of kids, and parents, and school kids. Hello, don't people know that I am THE most important guest. Haha. Later that Friday night Josh and his friends (they're so awesome) took me out to a comedy sketch called Bye-bye Liver. It was good. Then we headed off to Russian Rush and Division, a stretch that I guess is known for bars and such. I have photos on my facebook account on what happened that night. Lots of singing. And randomness. And awesomeness.

I'll get back to Saturday and Sunday on a later post.

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JD said...

in what is quite a common mistake among non chicagoans, the place we went to drink was Rush And Division on the gold coast, not russian division.

and the friends thought you were awesome too...but you need to drink more :-P