Monday, December 10, 2007

C'est la vie

My friends are wonderful people. And unwavering. Okay, at least the ones I've managed to keep since high school. Keep the old, embrace the new.

Pictured left are my friends Hannah, Alice, and Michelle. College roommates and college friends. Not many people realize this but I have had great difficulty maintaining most relationships I've had over the years, platonic and romantic. Part of the problem stems from my self-doubt and over-analyzing my relationships with people. The other problem is that I am extremely aware of my surroundings, particular the inter-actions I have with people -- which is borderline paranoia. To this day I still suffer my bouts of anxiety. Being social was never my forte to many people's surprise. Anyway, I have somehow managed to steer away from my topic.

For the most part I feel that I am extremely lucky to have befriended Carlene, Kim, Devi, Michelle, Hannah, Alice and Sonya at UCLA. I have a hand full of friends from college that I call my friends. A handful of people I can rely on or continue to speak with from high school. These are the people who have done the "little things" for me by surprising me with a birthday cake, to giving me little gifts which I know had a lot of thought and consideration put into it. More importantly, these are friends that I can rely on.

Going back to my birthday, and the ongoing celebration that stretched from December 6 to 9, I realized there are some wonderful people in my life I have encountered, that have made my life so much better and more exciting -- so much more meaningful.

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